The principals of Sutton Food Solutions have been involved with food service operations design and construction since 1983. With hundreds of projects completed, allow us to assist you with your project. 

Project Pricing and Quotation:

We strive to provide timely and accurate quotations. Whether a single piece of equipment or an entire project, Sutton will work to provide detailed equipment specifications and pricing in a timely manner. 

Problem Solving:

As hard as we try, not all installations are perfect. Over time, problems may arise on a site. We are here to help! With our Manufacturers' support we have the knowledge and resources to find solutions quickly and effectively. This is what we do. 

Perfect Fry:

Sutton is the Atlantic Canadian distributor for Perfect Fry counter top deep fat fryers. We stock a very wide array of parts and supplies for Perfect Fry. We have 25 years' experience in the service and support for Perfect Fry. We strive to resolve any issue within 24 hours to keep you up and running and Profitable!